1. Are there any brands related to Naviblue?

Yes, there are several brands inside the Naviblue Fashion Group. These include Naviblue itself, as well as Nora Naviano, Blunny , and Lussano. Additionally, there is a special line called Naviblue Royal, offering lush and luxurious expensive dresses tailored for high society celebrations.

2. What producs do you offer?

Naviblue Fashion Group specializes in offering wholesale high-quality and exquisite wedding gowns that are available to order worldwide. Every collection features a wide range of beautifully crafted designs to suit every bride's style and preferences.

3. How often do you release new collections?

Naviblue Fashion Group releases new collections annually for each brand - 2 times a year.

For Bridal Salons

1. How do we make a wholesale order as a new customer?

If you are a bridal salon and want to work with Naviblue Fashion Group, you can follow this link to create an order and become an official distributor of Naviblue wedding dresses.

2. Why should I become a partner of Naviblue Fashion Group if I own a bridal salon?

Working with Naviblue Fashion Group is absolutely beneficial to any bridal salon, brand or distributor. Naviblue creates fashionable designs and has big amount of subscribers on social media platforms. We always get a lot of requests from brides all over the globe that they are willing to wear our dress on their big day. Therefore, Naviblue offers truly unique and outstanding dresses with high demand.

3. What are my benefits of becoming a partner with Naviblue Fashion Group?

Naviblue chooses only high quality fabrics and exclusive laces for any dress design, as well as a high-tech production using advanced technologies allows to provide big wholesale orders in a very short period of time up to 4 months only. Wide range of choices of different dresses, as well as option of customization and size changes.

4. Do you provide distributors with any media content?

Yes, we do. All of our partners can use our photos and videos. We only work with world-class models and photographers, ensuring unique photo and high quality video content to help our partners with visual representation of Naviblue wedding dresses.

5. What makes you different from any other wholesale wedding dresses brand?

Our head office is located in Germany, which is very convenient to work with at any time zone. Naviblue has a big warehouse in Germany, too, allowing a very wide choice of available and ready to ship wedding dresses in stock at all times. In case there is nothing in the stock that you want to order, our production time will take only 2-4 months, which is way faster than most of the bridal brands.

6. How many designs do you have?

We offer an extensive range of different dress designs. Since Naviblue owns 4 bridal brands, we can offer more than 500 different designs to meet any customer's needs. Our designs vary based on factors such as fabrics, dress style, and more. Additionally, our size range goes up to size 62 by European size standards.

7. Do you have any special conditions for your distributors?

Yes, definitely. We offer regular promotions and discounts on goods from stock mainly, but we are always looking forward to making our cooperation more mutually-beneficial.

8. Before submitting an order, can I do a test-order?

Yes, we have an option of a minimum order of just three different gowns so that our newest partners can see, feel, and understand the quality we offer with our wedding gowns.

9. I just need to order one specific dress for a specific bride, can I do that?

Yes, absolutely! Our partners have an option of ordering one dress for a specific bride after her request, even if it is not a wholesale order! Also, even if you are not our partner, but a bridal salon - you can also order just one dress for one specific bride.

For brides

1. How do I order a dress if I am a bride/not a wholesale brand?

If you're a bride looking to order a dress from Naviblue Fashion Group, simply visit our website and navigate to the "For Brides" section. There, you'll find information about the nearest distribution centers and resellers of our dresses in your country. You can then visit one of these locations to explore and purchase your desired dress. Alternatively, you can click on this link below to choose your country and proceed.

2. Can I order a dress directly from you if I am a bride?

Since we only process wholesale orders through distributors in your area, you can obtain a dress directly from any salon/reseller that works with us. Here you can find a list of the nearest distributors of Naviblue wedding dresses in your country.

3. How do I get a dress that I like from you if I am a bride, but the dress isn’t presented at the reseller in my country?

To get a dress that is not presented by any resellers you can use one of two options:
- Ask any reseller in your country to purchase the dress for you personally
- Ask the nearest bridal salon to order this dress for you. They are eligible to order just one dress for a specific bride.

4. Do you have plus-size wedding dresses?

Yes we do! To find a plus-size wedding line click here


1. What is Naviblue?

Naviblue is a wholesale wedding dresses brand. We have 4 brands within the Naviblue fashion group, as well as a luxurious line. Naviblue offers wide range of different wedding dresses, available to order worldwide.

2. Is Naviblue a wholesale brand?

Yes, Naviblue is a wholesale wedding dresses brand. We do not sell directly to the brides.

3. Where can I find distributors of Naviblue wedding dresses in my country?

To find the full list of official distributors that offer Naviblue wedding dresses in your country, you can click here or browse through the For Brides Section.

4. Where is Naviblue’s head office located?

Head office is located in Germany.

5. How do I become a partner?

If you did not find an official representative in your country and you want to become a partner, you can submit a form that you will find here and our sales manager will get in touch with you to provide all the necessary information.

6. Who designs Naviblue dresses?

Naviblue has a team of designers, led and managed by the founder and owner of the brand, Elena. All designs are inspired by leading wedding trends and never going out of style wedding classics. You can find timeless elegance, trendy chic, minimalist and even incredibly luxurious wedding dress options to suit every taste.

7. Does Naviblue have offline stores?

Naviblue has an official website with a wide catalogue where the newest collections are presented. However, Naviblue Fashion Group dresses are presented offline in different countries throughout the official distributors, to find them accordingly click here. Naviblue doesn’t have an offline store.

8. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment to the company's bank account in Germany, as well as in some other regions of the world. We also accept payments through PayPal.

9. Do you have any official resellers?

We do have official resellers of the Naviblue brand, in different countries and continents. You can find a complete list of official representatives in the section For Brides, or by following this link

10. Where is Naviblue located?

Our wholesale warehouse and our head office are both located in Germany, Crailsheim. We also have sales departments in Greece, Mexico and Kazakhstan.

11. How long does it take to finish an order?

It always depends on every order, however usual time for making an order is around 7 days and may take up to 4 months. Usually it depends on the stock availability.

12. Do you have any storage/warehouse?

Yes, we do have have a warehouse of ready-to-ship wholesale wedding dresses in Germany.


1. How many months in advance should an order be placed?

It always depends on each order, usually you may need 7 days to 4 months in advance. You can always get more precised information from our managers.

2. How long does it take to complete an order?

If we have all of the dresses you need in stock, the order will take around 7 business days. In case we need to make your order from scratch, it may take up to 3-4 months.

3. How do I place an order?

You can place an order throught your personal manager that will accept your order and answer any additional questions you may have.

4. Will I have a personal manager?

Yes, Naviblue has excellent and professional managers. Every customer is entitled to their own manager to help with the order and delivery.

5. Can I order any additional fabric of the dresses?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can get an additional set of lace appliqués for any purchased dress in your order.

Shipping & Payment

1. Do you provide urgent delivery?

Yes, Naviblue Fashion Group provides urgent delivery, in both cases: whether you order something available in stock, or any other purchase.

2. How much does the shipping cost?

Shipment price always depends on the courrier, delivery time, destination country, any additional charges customs of the destination country may apply.

3. Does Naviblue ship internationally?

Of course! Naviblue delivers orders internationally, throught worldwide covering DHL delivery service.

4. How much are the import fees and shipping costs for an international order?

All of these fees are being calculated before the dispatch of the order individually, according to your country’s customs.

5. How do you deliver?

We deliver orders from Germany by local companies and around the world by DHL. Delivery time usually takes 5 to 15 business days.

6. How do I pay?

Payment is made to a German bank account, or Kazakhstan bank account, we also accept PayPal.

7. How long does it take for a shipment from a warehouse?

Delivery time from a warehouse in Germany usually takes 5 to 15 business days, both within Germany and worldwide.


1. What is Naviblue's return policy?

Returns and/or replacements are possible only if the product is found to be defective or non-conforming within 7 days after receiving of the product.

2. How can an order be returned?

Every issue of any origin is resolved individually with each customer.

Sizing and customization

1. How does your sizing work?

Naviblue brand makes dresses according to the European size scale. For more information feel free to ask your personal manager, or a disttibutor in your country.

2. What if the sizing needs alterations?

Any sizing alteration is possible due to the customer’s request. Please note, that any alteration to the dress may influence the time of production and delivery.

3. Can I customize or alter any of your designs?

Yes, you may customize any design presented by Naviblue fashion goup. Please note, that the price, ETD and production time may increase due to customization request.

4. Are customized items eligible for return?

Customized items aren’t eligible for return. In case the product is found broken or/and disfunctional, return can be discussed on an individual terms.

5. Is any cutsomizaion possible?

Yes, we are able to add any customizations to any of the presented dresses. Whether it is an increase or decrease of the train, changing the color of the fabric, removing or adding lace and so on. We also accept orders for non-standard sizes up tp size 62 according to European sizing standarts.